I open my eyes. Turn up my phone. *Blur vision* 2.37AM, the clock says. I think I was supposed to be sleeping at that time, but what am I doing? Thinking about you at the moment? Scrolling my feed just to see your picture? You might change your mood and send me a “Hey! It’s Okay!” message. But for whom am I waiting? The person who still rules over my heart? The person who made my nights sleepless? The person who taught me daydreaming? I dont remember when we had our last pleasant night, may be weeks ago, but now, even days feel like years. Imagining you, beside me. Your finger, playing with my hair. Your eyes, fighting with mine. My heartbeat, crossing it’s highest digits. Yet, I opened my whatsapp, wrote a message, to get you, Because that’s what all I can do. *Last seen 1.49AM* Stayed there for 7 minutes 31 seconds. Not a single blink. Yes, my eyes are paining now. Sitting there, same posture, for minutes. A question jumped inside my head, “What if he wakes up in the middle of this night? He might need me.” Dropped a message, “Hey, just text me as you feel like…” *Settings>Sound>General>Volume^* Phone kept near the pillow, you, inside my heart. I didn’t pass that night, I lived it.

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Okay, so, there are three guys on a plane, right, and they’re on this plane, and okay, the plane they’re on, there’s three guys on it. These three guys, right, they’re on this plane, and the plane, they’re on it. The guys, all three, are just sitting on this pl…

This is why people don’t ask me to tell stories! Verbally! Rip!!

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Forgiveness is powerful. But sometimes in love and relationships, we forgive the wrong people. Sometimes we’re tied closely to people who hurt us, and we think that we must forgive them to move forward, to save a relationship, to fix what has been torn apart, to give ourselves closure.

From my experience, forgiveness has changed my life. Accepting apologies from people who have destroyed me, forgiving people even when they haven’t asked for it, letting go. This has healed my heart in ways I could’ve never imagined. But this wasn’t easy. And not all stories are the same. Sometimes forgiving people is hard. Sometimes it hurts too much.

But i still think there’s power in forgiving because it helps to free yourself from what’s been trapping you and holding you down. It’s a reminderof God’s love when you treat others with kindness, even when they don’t deserve it. And it helps you just as much, if not more, when you free your heart from that bitterness and pain.

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She was happy thinking that all his talks, laughs, jokes, sharing moments and pictures and feelings was just for her, until she got to know about the third person in the frame.

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The perfect guy

Girls, a big term for you. Yes, the perfect guy? Do you know they exist? Why don’t you find them? Let’s see why and how. If they do exist, how are you supposed to find your guy out of the 7.5 billion people on earth? Impossible right? It’s difficult to catch your soulmate in reality! Who’ll be tirelessly searching tho! So let’s turn to our favourite timepass, “social media” – our enemy!!

Finding the perfect guy is a boon and also in finding the correct guy it’s awful sometimes!

It’s lovely because it means finding a soul that fits perfectly with your own, you relate, you love them and yes you can be yourselves. It means finding someone to build a life with, create a home, get kids and build a lovely family. Someone who you don’t feel alone within this world wide.

It’s awful because there’re reasons where you overthink, you may not feel compatible, sometimes you just, “try out things” – which is incorrect. Sometimes you just use to see if he’s the right guy or not. Girls! This is not acceptable! Instead, search for someone who challenges you to be better every day, while still loving you right now, unconditionally, for the mess that you are. You have to find this guy!

Search for someone who both teaches you and learns from you, who encourages you, frustrates you, comforts you, challenges you, makes you laugh, supports you and loves you – for exactly who you are!

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World inside my world

It’s okay not to write, smile, love. It’s sometimes okay not to feel anything. It’s okay to allow yourself to feel the numbness. The emptiness. For what will derive from that phase will be bigger and better and stronger. That’s the problem with people like you and me, we don’t simply breeze through life, sliding from one experiment to another, no, we turn it into a material. 

From the moment his breath brushed past my neck for the first time, leaving me with goosebumps to the moment I flipped his every last page, packing his bags away, and beginning a new chapter of life, everything, has been a story worth sharing. Non learner, safely scented with love yet with the bitterness of goodbyes – but if you were writing my story, you would know there’s no such thing as goodbyes and happy endings, because you’re always intertwined with each other and if you want a happy ending that simply depends on where you end your story, and I don’t believe in endings so may be I’ll never truly want a happily ever after. Because I know there’s always an after. Yet here I am, numb maybe, but preparing myself for another day, another story, another world inside my world that I could share, with this world.

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I’m not even going to lie! I judge people, and I judge them hard! If I see a person with wacky clothes on, or a girl wearing a bright blue eyeshadow upto her super-thin arched sharpie looking eyebrows, yeah I’m judging them because, I personally don’t agree with their choices, but I keep my mouth shut, and keep my damn opinions to myself, because I ain’t a piece of crap who wants to put others down! It’s perfectly okay not to agree with someone’s choices, but there is absolutely no reason for you to tell them that, you think what they’re doing is wrong or to tell them that, you don’t like how they look or dress up or act! THERE IS NO EFFIN’ REASON FOR IT! Stop talking crap and then defending yourself by saying “Oh! Well! I’m just stating my opinions!! Freedom of speech!!” You’re not innocently stating your opinions, you’re being a jerk!

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Why me!

I’d like to think that I’m an alternative badass girl who doesn’t give a damn and doesn’t live by society rules, but in reality I do all my homeworks and never back talk teachers and I say “please” and “thankyou” and “sorry” way too much!!

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Perks of being a “shy” kid in class: You hear some really good gossip. And I think the reason for that is because since you’re so quiet, people start assuming you to be innocent and not listening. I’m listening real well! I know how you feel about your so called bestfriend. I know you’re dumping your boyfriend! I know!!

P.s., I ain’t a shy kid!! *evil laugh*

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You think only girls/ women need equality?

1. The day you raise your hand on a woman, will be the day you’ll no longer be called a man, said everyone. The day you raise your hand on a man, you’ll no longer be called a woman, said none. Why?

2. They guy you see, sitting alone, was once rejected because a guy always has to approach a girl, make her feel special, make her believe he’s different from others. Why? Is he a product on sale? If feelings are mutual, then why can’t a girl propose?

3. Girls praising is taken as a compliment but when the same is said by a boy, either he’s ignored or end up coming with the line “yaar! Every guy is of same type!! They dont mean what they say!” Oh really! Well!

4. A girl cries and there’s a long queue of people ready to wipe her tears. But when a guy cries, people console them by saying “Guys never cry!” As like they don’t have a soul and cannot express their sorrows!

5. “Protect guys who respect girls, because only few are left” duh! Just say that you haven’t seen the world yet! If you meet jerks, you’ll eventually end up with such jerky conclusions!

Now, probably many girls out there will have hard feelings for me, so hard that they might even end up in unfollowing or unsubscribing me! Some might even comment “not all girls are same.” But the truth won’t fade away. If men are supposed to know that not all girls are the same, then why can’t girls know this fact that not all boys are the same!!

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