Perks of being a “shy” kid in class: You hear some really good gossip. And I think the reason for that is because since you’re so quiet, people start assuming you to be innocent and not listening. I’m listening real well! I know how you feel about your so called bestfriend. I know you’re dumping your boyfriend! I know!!

P.s., I ain’t a shy kid!! *evil laugh*

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You think only girls/ women need equality?

1. The day you raise your hand on a woman, will be the day you’ll no longer be called a man, said everyone. The day you raise your hand on a man, you’ll no longer be called a woman, said none. Why?

2. They guy you see, sitting alone, was once rejected because a guy always has to approach a girl, make her feel special, make her believe he’s different from others. Why? Is he a product on sale? If feelings are mutual, then why can’t a girl propose?

3. Girls praising is taken as a compliment but when the same is said by a boy, either he’s ignored or end up coming with the line “yaar! Every guy is of same type!! They dont mean what they say!” Oh really! Well!

4. A girl cries and there’s a long queue of people ready to wipe her tears. But when a guy cries, people console them by saying “Guys never cry!” As like they don’t have a soul and cannot express their sorrows!

5. “Protect guys who respect girls, because only few are left” duh! Just say that you haven’t seen the world yet! If you meet jerks, you’ll eventually end up with such jerky conclusions!

Now, probably many girls out there will have hard feelings for me, so hard that they might even end up in unfollowing or unsubscribing me! Some might even comment “not all girls are same.” But the truth won’t fade away. If men are supposed to know that not all girls are the same, then why can’t girls know this fact that not all boys are the same!!

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Is it just me, or did we use to have normal- smelling shampoos before? Everything was strawberry, and peppermint, and citrus. Nice, normal things.

Now I pick up a bottle and it’s like Dew gathered by monks, from The Himalaya mountains, mixed with the root of an asncubeskv plant, that grows only in an obscure village in Amazonia, with a dash of magical berries from Narnia to give your hair volume!

And it still smells like citrus to me!! Why tho!

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“Is it Push or Pull” I panic to myself as the doors come closer. Panic! at the doorway! Well atleast someone closed the goddamn door!

But tho i end up pulling a push door!

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Face the cringe!!

Yes! Today I am going to talk about something that most of the people reading this won’t expect me to talk about! PERIODS!

How many of you cringed at the word “periods?” If you did, then let me tell you something that you guys aren’t different from the two, I overheard today.

One guy said to the other “Bhai! Tera bandi aaj itna pagla kyun rahi thi?” (Why was your wife acting crazy today) To which the other guy replied “Bhai, mujhe nahi pata, periods chal rahe honge shayad!” (May be she’d have got her periods) For a fraction of second, I was stunned! Whoa! They made a joke of one of the most difficult things that all the women go through for the major chunk of their lives!! 

Do you even care if she’s going through periods when you beg her to kiss you, to make out with you, to send you nudes? Do you? I think not. You’ll be acting like a jackass to her the whole day, if she’s pissed off at you, either she’s “hormonal” or “bhai, periods chal rahe honge uski!” Maybe she’s not even on her periods! May be she’s tired of you being a dumbo to her the whole time and not treating her the way she deserves!

Do you even stop to care and think about that? I think these are some way to personal things and if a girl trusts you on something like this, she’s just way too much in you and you should respect that! Guys! She’s not a piece of meat, who bleeds once a month and is made fun for something that’s not under her control! She’s one of the very few people who would actually go to the end of the world just to see a smile on your face and someone who actually cares about what you do with your life other than your parents! Your parents might give up on you in some cases, but she won’t! Unless of course, you hurt every single nerve in her body! It’s a natural process and it has nothing to do with purity and impurity!!

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Me while writing deliriously tired.,

While writing: I’m so creative right now, it’s like all the constraints have been lifted. Wow! I wrote 2000 words in 30 minutes! This is going to be great!!

Reading it the next day: I used the word “beautiful” 8 times in this sentence and instead of “reassuring” I wrote “refrigerator!” Also the tenses switched 3 times in a single paragraph! And I’ve started writing about a character who isn’t even in this story!!

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My favourite thing is when an artist takes an advantage of the fact that so many people listen to music with headphones these days, and they do the thing when it goes in one ear and switches to the other, or it’s like two different voices in each ear like hell yeah! Keep it up! I like that damn!

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Each time!

You are an idiot! Aren’t you?

They will come again and again, there are thousands of them! You’ll swear each time not to let them in, but you will, everytime. They’ll love you, need you, use you, hurt you and leave you! You’ll cry over them, each time! “That was a lesson! I’ll stay away” goes through your mind but your heart does “welcome” them each time!

You’re so silly aren’t you? 

You’ll get close and attached each time! Love thoughtlessly and then play scandalous little games again and again, each time! Being naive, you’ll fall for the wrong person each time! But don’t worry, may be one day you’ll learn to wait, identify and love the one who deserves it!

But till then, hold your fickle heart tight and paste back the broken pieces together, each time. You’ll still have those 2-3 friends who’ve always had your back and proved their love and loyalty over time, way more times than it was necesaary! They’ll help you keep strong always!

But in the end, I know, you’re still gonna run away to the wrong person, you silly being!

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To all the spiders that you’ve killed and lizards you’ve shooted, how do I express my gratitude to your amazing fatherhood…

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The saviour 

It’s independence day and still confused which one to mention? About the chaos? Anthem? Border? War? Saviors?

Well! We just get this ‘Indian’ feel just occasionally when we get to encounter visuals related to them! What about the rest of the time? Couple of years back I was at Wagah border and until they started their routines, I was just having ‘we times’ with friends! Yeah! And after those rituals had completed, I was totally invoked with the feel of being an Indian! That patriotic feel, obviously an invoked feel!! Tho I ain’t anti-patriotic! But the thing is I respect military/ army officials more than I respect India., Seems like you could extract the difference!

And then, I had an encounter with this army official and his conversation about his life-style, life-death daily toggles, being apart from family and such chaotic survival, just made me realise that i am a piece of a useless jerk! And still I feel the same., My jerky question to him was ‘Why would he sacrifice so much himself to protect us and what does he get in return?’ And may be, I unveiled myself to be a jerk!! And his response was ‘This was never my passion! I was intended to do this and now after facing all those chaos, I didn’t want my family and the rest to deal with such chaos directly!’

But what do we do to them in return? How many of you know the names of the highest army officials? Atleast the name of their postings? We rarely do! Despite bidding a salute to what India is, I’d proudly bid a salute to those people who be the responsibility of our well being!!

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