An unnoticed awe!

So do you ever know the answer to the question in the class but you don’t wish to say it and the teacher is looking around at everyone and you’re tempted to say it but just before you get the chance to, the teacher tells you the answer and everyone is mind-blown and stares at the teacher in a complete awe like they are the most intelligent being ever and you just sit there like I knew that duh!

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She is a confused soul. The feeling of being loved crushed her from inside, yet she let him conquer her heart. The way she brushed her hair on his face, giving herself onto him. Soaking herself in his love, reviving those love bites, the ones she treasured in her heart. Even the pain felt like honey to her soul, the sweetness cuddled her and she felt alive for the moment in his arms!

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You know that feeling when someone throws you something and you catch it really well like with one hand or you save it from nearly falling or you got it from a massive distance?? And everyone around you lights up like yoooo!! Good catch!! Niceee!! And I want to live in that feeling!! It’s soo pure! 

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Do you ever get friend lust? Like, you just see someone and you’re like, man! I have such a friendcrush on you! I wanna be your friend so bad! I wanna be more than a friend! I wanna be a best friend you hear me? Please be my bff! I will treat you right! Let me be your drake-friend. No other friend will treat you like I do!!

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Follow Follow you!

Goes to a party and awkwardly follows friend around the entire time*

Goes to a family reunion and awkwardly follows mom around the entire time*

Goes to hell and awkwardly follows satan around the entire time*

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Finding Phonemo

Today, I thought I left my phone in the theatre so we went back to look for it and I couldn’t see. So I turned on my phone to give me some light so that I could find my phone. Do you see where this is going? Because I did not!!

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Easy Teenager

My mom just came to me and ranted about how everyone is making this facebook status that says, “raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree”. She was so baffled by this because she said, “you were pretty easy to be raised as a teenager, all you did was eat and sleep”. Should I be proud? Cuz she’s so pleased!!

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Ever notice after a break up the loyal one stays single and deals with the damage until healed. Meanwhile, the cheater is already in a relationship!

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