Chin up princess!

Dear girl reading this,

While you’re crying in your room, he’s already happy with someone else. While you’re questioning your self-worth, he’s already having the best days of his life with your replacement. He’s so happy posting pictures of them on social media, while you still have hard time sleeping at night and being sick. You do not want to exist in this world anymore while he’s so busy loving someone else.

Can’t you understand what I am trying to say? He doesn’t deserve all your tears. He doesn’t deserve your grief. Look at you? The princess who’s free spirited is now helpless. Baby girl, get up. Rebuild yourself. Pick up the pieces of yourself.

Put that make up on. You do not deserve to look like an hot mess. Wear that confidence once again. He doesn’t deserve any amount of care from you. It’s his loss after all. It’s time to unleash the fiercer and braver you. You are beautiful and you deserve so much better!

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Skills unveiledĀ 

I don’t think boys understand that girls stalking skills are soo strong that we can literally find out your entire autobiography in 12 minutes!!

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Miss books

I used to be that person who reads two 400 pages books a week. Now I carry around a book with me everywhere I go, to try to remember what it feels like to feel that connection within the pages because, I can’t concentrate to read further than a paragraph, nor I remember it, for that matter. Everytime I see someone engrossed in a novel, it’s bittersweet, because I miss what it’s like to get lost in the written world. I just want to be able to read like that again!

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