To all the spiders that you’ve killed and lizards you’ve shooted, how do I express my gratitude to your amazing fatherhood…

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Pure souls!

It is easy to spot an angel! You just gotta start telling a story in a group situation when people are too busy talking over each other to hear you. Look for that one person who notices and makes eye contact and smiles encouragingly till you’ve finished talking- That’s the angel! Those people are pure and they go straight to heaven!!

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Time plays

You deserve somebody who tells you they miss you at 1.40pm when they’re surrounded by people in the midst of their day. Not somebody who says they miss you at 2.13am alone with nothing else to do!

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Once in a lifetime throb!

Though we are not together for now, yet, my pulse dances even at the thought of your bearded cheeks when you use to rub them over mine, even the thought of your warm breath sends chills down to my spine, when you use to put your lips on mine! Ain’t I a kid anymore? You cracked my code boo!

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Free love

Every one of us has a weakness. But for most of us, the thing we love the most becomes a weakness. That love which once used to give us strength to fight all the odds now made us vulnerable. 

We fear to lose that person or a thing, we tend to protect it, and subconsciously we even tend to cage them.

We may even suffocate them with our insecure love. We fear others will take our weakness for their advantage. We lose insight. We ultimately make our love, our achilles heel.

But we need to realise that “To be loved is strength, to love is a weakness” is just a myth! Infact, “to love” makes us even more stronger, we just should let our love grow free!!

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She is a confused soul. The feeling of being loved crushed her from inside, yet she let him conquer her heart. The way she brushed her hair on his face, giving herself onto him. Soaking herself in his love, reviving those love bites, the ones she treasured in her heart. Even the pain felt like honey to her soul, the sweetness cuddled her and she felt alive for the moment in his arms!

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Today I burnt my tongue on a piece of pizza and I think that it’s a very strong metaphor that sometimes the things you love the most in life will hurt you. May be pizza loves me back! Ouch!

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Snout out

I’ve started letting my Rudie (pup) sleep in my bed at night, and he always starts of snuggled under the blanket, then partway through the night he gets too hot and sticks his little snout to get some fresh air. It is so cute it hurts my heart. Dogs are soo good! Soo good!!

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She pushed me, I kicked her.

She cried in pain, I kicked her again and again.

She beared the pain and pushed me again.

And finally, I entered this world. She cried in happiness.

She was my mom.

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Rudie love

You know… the best thing about dogs is you can act like something really good just happened and they’ll instantly start celebrating too and they have no idea what the context is they’re just always ready to party no matter what!

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