Free love

Every one of us has a weakness. But for most of us, the thing we love the most becomes a weakness. That love which once used to give us strength to fight all the odds now made us vulnerable. 

We fear to lose that person or a thing, we tend to protect it, and subconsciously we even tend to cage them.

We may even suffocate them with our insecure love. We fear others will take our weakness for their advantage. We lose insight. We ultimately make our love, our achilles heel.

But we need to realise that “To be loved is strength, to love is a weakness” is just a myth! Infact, “to love” makes us even more stronger, we just should let our love grow free!!

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Yes, I had my choices. But I chose to leave. Isn’t it insane to go without any attachments, emotions, feelings? Everything is normal, and suddenly you’re gone, forever. There’s always this hope of you coming back or atleast stating the reasons why you left.

Maybe someday I’ll know why. Until then lets assume? But on the contrary, I think it’s quite unfair to meet people unexpectedly and expect them to give reasons why they left. Throughout the months, I’ve mastered the ability to forget. Forget incidents, forget memories, forget moments, and even people. I still end up thinking about these people during some sleepless nights though.

After all, you cannot completely erase them from your lives, but you can atleast try to avoid having pieces of them left inside your broken self.

You’ll not forget their favourite food, their way of conversation or their smile. But you can forget the promises they’ve made. You can forgive them for the hearts they’ve broken.

After all, what’s the point of holding on, when letting go is the only option?

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Everytime you feel empty after visiting a place, your heart wants to go back there, it’s all because you’ve left a piece of soul, and it yearns to get back to you. 

Everytime you hear a song and it makes you travel back in the past, it’s because your soul echoes the tune, and it craves to play the melody many a time.

Everytime your heart aches on recalling that one person you wished would never leave, because he had been a part of your soul and was your home.

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“I love mysteries,” he’d always say.

“Why?” I asked.

“They are fascinating, thrilling and breath-taking. Curiosity and excitement are the necessities to have a life worth living.”

So today I ask him, How excited was drifting apart in silence? Did your heart thud so hard as mine when we gave up on each other? Were you not so intrigued in the emotions that existed between us? Is your life worth living now? Away from me? 

Today, I can understand your curiosity as I stand here, desperate to know why you left. May be I’ll never know because some secrets are better entangled. They can be heart-breaking sometimes. And you said you love mysteries.


You were love

It all started with a smile. You smiled, I smiled back. You started the conversation, I continued. You called me cute, but you were the cutest. You made me feel special, I thought this was love. But when i realised this, you were already gone. In the search to find you, I found another me. Should I move on now? Or is it too early?

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