Passing phrase…

Now regretting the loose ends on my part, I didn’t mean to be a passing phrase if I was. I don’t remember when I stopped believing in best friends, when was the last time I thought of companions forever.

The bonds wither away; either you get used to their absence, or the constant fragments of halfhearted presence in the background.

I used to think that I was lucky enough to choose a second family, but was that the case in reality? Because all that I’ve learnt are the nuances of time and changing priorities, dissipating like they weren’t meant to be. It might partly be my fault that our past is no longer a part of the present.

Is that how it was supposed to be? For me to remain a page in your storybook, as you design chapters that lie ahead.

Maybe I should accept the fact that we were all changing phrases in each other’s lives. Meant to diffuse in soothing, spreading light into passing souls and vanishing like we had never met before.

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Barcode Scanner

Do you ever learn a new fact and it eff’s you over really bad, even though it has no effect on your life. But it feels like your whole life was a lie anyways! Hey! Did you know? Barcode scanner scans the white spaces in between and not actually the black bars!

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Biggest fear

Soemone: So what’s your biggest fear?

Me, thinking about those times when you’re sat at a window seat and a stranger sits beside you, trapping you there, and your stop is coming up, but you’re on a seat that isn’t near a stop door, so you’re going to have to communicate with this stranger to move, while the bus is still in motion and navigate to a stop door in time without falling, but you’re bad at socialization and maintaining your balance : HEIGHTS!

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I write!

Writing saves me from drowning. It gives me a ray of hope when I turn morose due to the mismatched arrangement of thoughts in my mind. It kisses my wounds lightly with its touch of extensive vocabulary and impressive words. From all the tears and fears, writing gives me comfort. It makes me feel a less lonely. If I could write a book about writers, it could contain the rules of expectations followed by disappointments and experiences. 

I don’t write because I want to, I write because I need to, because I have to, because I should, because if I don’t write, my life would come to a halt.

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I don’t understand how in movies when there’s some scene about someone sitting on the train/ bus and thinking about their life, they just have their head rested against the window, and it looks so calming and shit! Like no! Have you ever put your head against a window while the train/ bus is moving? It feels like your cranium is a blender and your brain is becoming a smoothie!! 

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Okay, so, there are three guys on a plane, right, and they’re on this plane, and okay, the plane they’re on, there’s three guys on it. These three guys, right, they’re on this plane, and the plane, they’re on it. The guys, all three, are just sitting on this pl…

This is why people don’t ask me to tell stories! Verbally! Rip!!

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Why me!

I’d like to think that I’m an alternative badass girl who doesn’t give a damn and doesn’t live by society rules, but in reality I do all my homeworks and never back talk teachers and I say “please” and “thankyou” and “sorry” way too much!!

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Perks of being a “shy” kid in class: You hear some really good gossip. And I think the reason for that is because since you’re so quiet, people start assuming you to be innocent and not listening. I’m listening real well! I know how you feel about your so called bestfriend. I know you’re dumping your boyfriend! I know!!

P.s., I ain’t a shy kid!! *evil laugh*

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“Is it Push or Pull” I panic to myself as the doors come closer. Panic! at the doorway! Well atleast someone closed the goddamn door!

But tho i end up pulling a push door!

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Me while writing deliriously tired.,

While writing: I’m so creative right now, it’s like all the constraints have been lifted. Wow! I wrote 2000 words in 30 minutes! This is going to be great!!

Reading it the next day: I used the word “beautiful” 8 times in this sentence and instead of “reassuring” I wrote “refrigerator!” Also the tenses switched 3 times in a single paragraph! And I’ve started writing about a character who isn’t even in this story!!

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