Passing phrase…

Now regretting the loose ends on my part, I didn’t mean to be a passing phrase if I was. I don’t remember when I stopped believing in best friends, when was the last time I thought of companions forever.

The bonds wither away; either you get used to their absence, or the constant fragments of halfhearted presence in the background.

I used to think that I was lucky enough to choose a second family, but was that the case in reality? Because all that I’ve learnt are the nuances of time and changing priorities, dissipating like they weren’t meant to be. It might partly be my fault that our past is no longer a part of the present.

Is that how it was supposed to be? For me to remain a page in your storybook, as you design chapters that lie ahead.

Maybe I should accept the fact that we were all changing phrases in each other’s lives. Meant to diffuse in soothing, spreading light into passing souls and vanishing like we had never met before.

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Do you ever get friend lust? Like, you just see someone and you’re like, man! I have such a friendcrush on you! I wanna be your friend so bad! I wanna be more than a friend! I wanna be a best friend you hear me? Please be my bff! I will treat you right! Let me be your drake-friend. No other friend will treat you like I do!!

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