Passing phrase…

Now regretting the loose ends on my part, I didn’t mean to be a passing phrase if I was. I don’t remember when I stopped believing in best friends, when was the last time I thought of companions forever.

The bonds wither away; either you get used to their absence, or the constant fragments of halfhearted presence in the background.

I used to think that I was lucky enough to choose a second family, but was that the case in reality? Because all that I’ve learnt are the nuances of time and changing priorities, dissipating like they weren’t meant to be. It might partly be my fault that our past is no longer a part of the present.

Is that how it was supposed to be? For me to remain a page in your storybook, as you design chapters that lie ahead.

Maybe I should accept the fact that we were all changing phrases in each other’s lives. Meant to diffuse in soothing, spreading light into passing souls and vanishing like we had never met before.

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Fairy tale!

What do you know about fairy tale? Is this thing true? Is this thing really happening in real life? To some, it might be true. Others would say that fairy tales are for kids and it isn’t really applicable in this world.

Well if you’d ask me though, I would rather tell you a story: “Once upon a time there was this little girl who was dreaming of becoming a princess and meeting a charming prince- handsome, royal, gallant, wealthy, well raised and well groomed. The kind of prince who’d sweep her of her feet by just a single glance, a prince that everyone adores, a prince that almost every girl would fell for in an instance, a prince who can give her anything she wants. In a real world though, a princess may not want a prince, instead she’ll choose to love the shoe maker. It’s neither the prince charming’s fault though, nor it’d be the fault of the princess, and we can’t put the blame on the shoe maker either, this thing just sort of happens. But the funny thing is that: How about if the shoe maker didn’t want the princess either?”

You see, there’s no certainty in love. Pain and sorrow will not exclude you whether you are a royalty or merely a shoe maker. Fate will be playful at times. And every love story doesn’t necessarily end with a “Happily ever after”. But this doesn’t mean that you should stop risking, that you should give upon love. You should still take that risk and find your own shoe maker, that kind of shoe maker, who’ll be glad to make you Cinderella’s shoes – turn him into your own prince, and he’ll treat you as his princess. Or maybe find a prince who’ll treat you like Rapunzel, and he’s willing to get you out of that filthy tower which you are imprisoned. Who knows? But you’ll surely not know it unless you try.

Make your own fairy tale. Good or bad, it’s your own version of love and struggle. You’re a princess. Act like it.

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Open talk

The reason why relationship fails nowadays is because people do not find time to talk personally anymore. When one is upset instead of talking about the problem, they would tend to vent out on social media. Affection becomes so virtual. Feelings are so temporary.

If you want to say something about your partner, talk about it. Do not let them figure out on what is wrong with you. Not all the time they can read your mind. Lower your pride sometimes too. It does not hurt to accept your mistakes. Learn from them. There is always time for cute pretty fights but most of the time you have to deal things maturely. Most importantly, Do not afraid to say sorry.

There will never be a perfect relationship thus shit happens sometimes. At the end of the day, there will never be a perfect person. It is a matter of who is worth all the risks. It is about accepting them whole heartedly without ifs and buts.

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Barcode Scanner

Do you ever learn a new fact and it eff’s you over really bad, even though it has no effect on your life. But it feels like your whole life was a lie anyways! Hey! Did you know? Barcode scanner scans the white spaces in between and not actually the black bars!

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Women’s day!

Yayy!! So women’s day wishes all over my mail and what must I be blogging about? Equality? Freedom? Feminism? No! The heart ache we go through because we bleed! Obviously!

Whenever it’s time of that month for either one of us, we are fortunate enough to be able to use sanitary napkins. That is a big deal by itself in our country. So, we go to the grocery store or pharmacy to buy the napkins. Regardless of the store we buy and regardless of the brand, they are wrapped in more layers than nuclear weapons. And rightly so, because one glimpse of the green packet and all the men will faint from the exposure to a thing so toxic. That totally happens.

Every time the shopkeeper insists on wrapping my packet of napkins in two layers of newspapers and hands it over in an opaque, black plastic bag, my blood boils in the blood vessels and I wanted to be screaming. If I use to shop alone, I refuse the unnecessary extra packaging. Yeah, I get shocked looks and taunts. But I do it anyway. When I am shopping with you, however, you’ll be giving me a glare and my protests die at the tip of my tongue.

Why are you so scared of people finding out that you bleed? I really don’t understand this paranoia. We are all women who are capable of bearing children. It should be obvious then that we get our periods every month, shouldn’t it? I mean, regular periods are a sign of a healthy woman. Is that what we’re ashamed of? Being healthy?

That one of those ‘happy to bleed’ woman wishing everyone a Happy Women’s day!!

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Just overdosing positivity

Is positivity really worth it? Does it really do anything? Positivity is not something that comes to you out of the blue. You have to work on it. It’s a mindset. It’s not strong and it’s not permanent, but it’s worthwhile. Wake up every morning and say, “It’s a great day to be alive”, and be grateful that you were able to open your eyes this morning. Put 100% love in every thing you do. Life’s not perfect, but be grateful for all the people you see each day.

Positivity is not happiness. Positivity is something that grows little by little, each day, trying something new each day, being greatful of having this life. You can grow and you will grow. Try to observe the light in everything you see. Rest, Close your eyes, Count, lie on your bed by noon air and listen to music and breathe, feel the world around you. Cry when you need to, read, write, paint, complement people. Give yourself time to just be!

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Dad, I know that you aren’t a person who’d express emotions easily yet two incidents I remember have left a strong imprint in my heart.

The first time I saw you crying was when I was eight. You were late to pick us from school that day. All kids had left, and sister and I were so worried that we didn’t notice you were silent. Like any other eight years old, I didn’t understand what was wrong. Only after we reached home, I realised that grandpa passed away and you’ve been crying all afternoon. You cried again that night, and it hurt me to see you crying.

The second time was when I left home for boarding school. I remember how worried you were. You didn’t realise that you were crying again for the second time. You were fretting how I would hold myself, but dad I was worried about you too.

All these years you rarely wished me on my birthdays. I know you loved me and prayed for my long life, but you couldn’t express it in words. Dad, you showed love in a million other ways like waiting up past midnight to have dinner with us until we came home back journeying.

It’s okay if you can’t speak up your feelings dad. I love you for the person you are. I may not say this again, but you’re my hero, always. So, next time you’re fighting with your emotions, remember I will be there with you and you’ll be even more stronger.

Today, I want you to know that your love cannot be expressed in 26 letters. Happy Birthday Dad! I love You!

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Chin up princess!

Dear girl reading this,

While you’re crying in your room, he’s already happy with someone else. While you’re questioning your self-worth, he’s already having the best days of his life with your replacement. He’s so happy posting pictures of them on social media, while you still have hard time sleeping at night and being sick. You do not want to exist in this world anymore while he’s so busy loving someone else.

Can’t you understand what I am trying to say? He doesn’t deserve all your tears. He doesn’t deserve your grief. Look at you? The princess who’s free spirited is now helpless. Baby girl, get up. Rebuild yourself. Pick up the pieces of yourself.

Put that make up on. You do not deserve to look like an hot mess. Wear that confidence once again. He doesn’t deserve any amount of care from you. It’s his loss after all. It’s time to unleash the fiercer and braver you. You are beautiful and you deserve so much better!

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Hey you!

You’ve made it so far. I know you’re hurting. I know it hurts. But I’m so proud of you. You’re beautiful. You’re strong. You’re worth it. Things are happening that you might not understand and it’s okay. It’s okay to cry, so let it out. You’re not perfect. You can’t be. But you can still thrive. Your heart is heavy and you feel weighed down. You feel like a burden. You feel like you’re not worthy of love or friendship. But you are! Everything is going to be okay. Don’t give up. I love you. You deserve life. Please don’t relapse.

Read this again tomorrow, the day after, for months and years to come along!

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Biggest fear

Soemone: So what’s your biggest fear?

Me, thinking about those times when you’re sat at a window seat and a stranger sits beside you, trapping you there, and your stop is coming up, but you’re on a seat that isn’t near a stop door, so you’re going to have to communicate with this stranger to move, while the bus is still in motion and navigate to a stop door in time without falling, but you’re bad at socialization and maintaining your balance : HEIGHTS!

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