Finding Phonemo

Today, I thought I left my phone in the theatre so we went back to look for it and I couldn’t see. So I turned on my phone to give me some light so that I could find my phone. Do you see where this is going? Because I did not!!

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Easy Teenager

My mom just came to me and ranted about how everyone is making this facebook status that says, “raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree”. She was so baffled by this because she said, “you were pretty easy to be raised as a teenager, all you did was eat and sleep”. Should I be proud? Cuz she’s so pleased!!

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Ever notice after a break up the loyal one stays single and deals with the damage until healed. Meanwhile, the cheater is already in a relationship!

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Today I burnt my tongue on a piece of pizza and I think that it’s a very strong metaphor that sometimes the things you love the most in life will hurt you. May be pizza loves me back! Ouch!

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Snout out

I’ve started letting my Rudie (pup) sleep in my bed at night, and he always starts of snuggled under the blanket, then partway through the night he gets too hot and sticks his little snout to get some fresh air. It is so cute it hurts my heart. Dogs are soo good! Soo good!!

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My Heart-throb writes

So… I made myself so strong to blog this one. This is a must watch post for both men and women out there. So it’s 01.45 a.m (IST) and I had just completed watching the movie “lens” (tamil). This post is not about movie review or so. May be I had a heart-throb, that ache a person has while completing a heart-waming novel or a movie.

This movie was based on a real incident of a 15-years old girl named “Amanda Todd” who was cyber bullied and was forced to commit suicide in Canada (exposed). Many of us would not have that much exposure about this incident. But coming up to know this one shook me up!

But the reason why I came up with this is… *blank* I well know that I can change nothing. But it’s been the most discussed thing among where I live, since cyber-bullying and rapes became gossips! Describe a girl? Long legs! Chubby enough! Booty goals! Busty nigga! I need not go deep!! Abuse a girl? Use her weakness, bully her! Until she quits her life.

Not all men are same. Real ones (asli-mard) do exist. But men will be men. And the one who starts blaming women! Got you! Hope so you would have heard it “The thing happened to short skirts vigorously happened to burkhas too!” And yes girls! I am not here to support you too! Men too get raped!!

People be like “Government should ban porn. Watching porn makes men rape!” So, “You love watching dexter. Don’t you? Does watching dexter make you murder people?” So hereby, It doesn’t matter if I’ve gone through such bullies or so, don’t I have such right to question you? I feel the way they do! We do exist!

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Be you!

Draw stick figures. Sing off key. Write bad poems. Sew ugly clothes. Run slowly. Flirt clumsily. Play video games on ease. You do not need to be good at something to enjoy the act. Talent is overrated. Do things you like doing. It’s okay to suck.

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